Let There Be Love With Your Retweet

Twitter is a great way to reach out to an audience and develop your customer base but many businesses are unsure of how to approach the platform. The limited character count per tweet seems limiting, but it provides the opportunity to be sharp and concise with your communication. However, if you are struggling to know […]

The history of the WorldWide Web

In October of 1989, Tim Berners-Lee began work on what would become the World Wide Web, a combination of a browser and editor. Before the end of the year, a number of landmarks were met, including: • The first web server: server was nxoc01.cern.ch – later called info.cern.ch • Click here to visit the first […]

Blogging for your business is more important than you think

Many people view blogging as a bit of fun or a way to get ideas and thoughts off your chest but when it comes to business, blogging may be more important than you think. There are a number of reasons why blogging should be an essential component of your daily or weekly activities. Blogging boosts […]

The importance of using a #hashtag

Anyone who has used social media, particularly Twitter, will have seen hashtags, a phrase which has the # symbol in front of it, but do you know the importance of these hashtags? They can be a hugely important tool for businesses but far too many people and businesses don’t use hashtags in an effective way. […]

5 ways to improve your Facebook marketing

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to improve your Facebook advertising, but you need to know what aspects matter. Here are 5 ways to improve your Facebook marketing. Adverts You may prefer not to spend money but the ease of creating Facebook adverts, their affordable nature, the ability to stay in complete control of […]

Facebook advertising – reaching a wider audience

One of the biggest attractions about social networking sites has been the fact that they provide businesses with the chance to connect and engage with customers and users for free. This has always been a big selling point for businesses and no matter what level of budget you have, knowing that there is a chance […]

LinkedIn – not just used for recruitment

When it comes to listing social networking platforms, you will find that many people overlook or dismiss LinkedIn. This is because the site is focused on the business world and a lot of people don’t think about it in the same way that people consider Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. However, LinkedIn is a major social […]

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